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There are many reasons why people visit my web site or then go on to visit me. Some, it is true, are seeking simple relief, and hopefully they go on to realise that my sensual massage is not a tacky sexual service by little more than a prostitute, but a truly rewarding, fulfilling whole body experience. Some are seeking a sympathetic, caring person who will listen to and try to understand their life problems, and offer them during a massage relaxation, warmth and comfort. Others may have relationship issues that can be helped by relaxation and a reduction in sexual or emotional tension. Yet others are searching for something more specific, whether it may be help dealing with a sexual difficulty, or a couple looking for a sensual experience they can enjoy together in a safe, relaxing environment. My mission is to help all of these people if I can.

Are you seeking simple relaxation and sensual pleasure?

The sensual massage I offer, for men, women or couples, is described here on my web site. Essentially, it's a full body traditional massage (on a professional massage table) which gradually becomes more sensual as I include your primary erogenous zones (but (and crucially) also other less well-known erogenous zones). It is often the case that the most men and many women will reach orgasm at some stage, typically towards the end of the massage, but that is not necessarily the goal.

Do you have a relationship problem, or need to build your confidence?

Tranquil Body Indulgence Massage

This is a very broad subject. I have had clients with a wide range of relationship issues, including lack of confidence and inexperience. I am very willing to listen to whatever you need to share during your massage, and there are certain techniques, including the relaxation that come from sensual massage, that I can use to try to help you overcome some of the issues you bring to me. Sometimes, the issues may be as much to do with your partner as you, and then we need to look at possibly bringing you to me as a couple. My role is to try to use relaxation and sexual awareness to move you in the right direction, but sensual massage is only a tool and you should remember that professional relationship counselling may be an equal or better avenue to pursue.

Is Sensual Massage an alternative to Viagra?

It is sometimes the case that sensual massage can relax the client sufficiently to overcome erectile difficulties, or inability to reach orgasm, due to psychological factors such as stress, anxiety or low self-esteem. Obviously, there can be no guarantee of success because each person is different and will respond differently. Equally, tantric techniques can be used to try to reduce or control premature ejaculation.

If this is your first sensual massage then it is possible that nervousness will make it difficult for you to relax and positive effects could be limited. If this is the case then a sequence of massages, not too far apart, may be a good idea. I have clients who have reported, for example, improvement in erectile difficulties, first-ever orgasm in women, or an improved sex life with their partner. It's an individual thing.

If sexual difficulties are due to medical problems such as prostate disease, or due to medicine side-effects as may occur with anti-depressants or heart medication, then sensual massage may have some effect but should not be looked at as a "cure". Again, it's an individual thing - in one man common levels of heart medication may have little or no effect, in another the effects can be serious. If you are worried, ALWAYS consult your doctor.

Must I have an orgasm?

Tranquil Body Indulgence Massage

One thing for you to consider is that orgasm, or even erection, should not be looked at as the "end game" of sensual massage or, indeed, not necessarily of lovemaking. Of course it is great if they happen, but the sensuality of a complete whole body massage can be highly beneficial in its own right, as can the sheer joy of giving your partner pleasure. Indeed, there is a danger that "looking" for the orgasm may spoil the overall experience (especially for women) and you should look at the bigger picture - what are you really looking for in this experience?

Should I, shouldn't I? How long a massage?

In all cases, there is really only one way to find out what sensual massage can do for you - and that's to try it! I would recommend to start with a 90 minute sensual massage to give a good chance to relax as much as possible and see if it can work for you.

If in doubt ..... ask!

I am always happy to answer questions, explain anything that is lacking or not completely clear on this web site, offer suggestions, listen you whatever you want to tell me and, where possible, tune a massage session to your own particular needs. You only have to ask!