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Wellbeing In terms of relief of stress and tension, the general benefits of massage are well known. Massage addresses the pain and discomfort in tense muscles and can free up stiff joints. It stimulates the circulation which brings more oxygen and nutrition to all the systems of the body, increases cellular metabolism, and which aids in the removal of waste products through the lymphatic system. It can improve the posture, joint function, and muscle tone, all of which can help lessen the likelihood of falls and spills because the body is stronger, more stable, and moves more fluidly.

Two benefits of massage that are often overlooked are that of simply being touched and the connection that derives from one person touching another. The touching of massage releases a cascade of hormones that create a “feel good factor” in the client which helps to relieve mental and emotional stress and tension. And while massage is not a cure for clinical depression, massage can frequently help to lift or lighten one’s mood as it allows time and space for the client to breathe deeply, focus inwardly and relax more deeply – all of which improve one’s outlook, attitude and ability to cope with the ups and downs of life.

Wellbeing The benefits of sensual massage follow on from, and extend, the benefits of conventional massage. Because sensual massage requires the client to focus so closely on their body and the way it responds to touch, it encourages a closer, more intimate relationship between the person and their body. It fosters acceptance and understanding which then encourage a greater integration of the emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual aspects of the client’s being. At that moment, a wholeness that is often missing in our modern life can be experienced.