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About your Therapist



Having enjoyed the benefits of a variety of types of massage for many years, I decided to learn the same skills so I could share those benefits with others. I am fully trained in Holistic Massage and Complimentary Therapies, receiving my education at a leading academy in the United Kingdom. I hold qualifications from both ITEC and BABTAC and continue to seek further training in the field of complimentary therapies. I am fully insured because your comfort and safety are paramount.

My husband has many years experience in sensual awakening of both women and men using tantric techniques and has a distinctive massage style, matured over more than 8 years experience, that complements my own. He has learned massage techniques directly from me, incorporating these influences into his own unique blend of relaxing, restorative and sensual techniques.

Therapist My therapy room is a sanctuary offered for your pleasure. It is private and comfortable, warm and seductive ... lovely music playing softly in the background to relax you ... candlelight providing a warm intimacy ... essential oils scenting the air to calm you and tantalize you ... soft sheets (guaranteed freshly laundered), fluffy towels and robes to warm you ... scrupulously clean, and a full-height hot shower available ... pure, natural massage oils feel silken on your skin and support its health.

After experiencing sensual massage myself, and studying tantric techniques for my own sexual and spiritual awakening, I was inspired to see if these ancient traditions and skills could be developed and built into a natural extension to the traditions of holistic massage. What you will experience during your Sensual Massage is a distillation of my own experience and learning blended into a massage that incorporates traditional massage, overlaid with sensuality, refined by tantric techniques and bound by a profound appreciation of the humanity that connects us all.

Therapist At Tranquil Body Indulgence, you will enjoy the best in true holistic massage, specialist techniques and other modalities such as reiki. I will work with you to discover what your needs and expectations are, and I will work with your body respectfully and with care to relax and rejuvenate you, to relieve stress, promote healing and a feeling of well-being within a balanced body/mind/spirit.

Therapist Being heteroflexible ourselves, we are sympathetic to the feelings of gay and bisexual men and women, and to individual personal requirements. We like to think of ourselves as friendly and respectful to people of any orientation or personal lifestyle.

Please follow the Sensual Massage menu to read more, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

I look forward to seeing you soon!