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We take pride in that, unlike some "therapists" you may come across, all the testimonials below are genuine, spontaneously sent by clients and not solicited.


" I recently visited Kim for the first time and before I arrived I felt a little apprehensive, however as soon I was in this lady's presence I felt extremely relaxed, what was I worried about?! These three comments say it all:

  - Gifted with her hands
  - True Professionalism
  - Pure Bliss!

A definite repeat visit required!

[Female sensual massage from female therapist]

"I just thought I'd send a quick email to say how much we enjoyed meeting you today. [wife's name] has done nothing but talk about how much she enjoyed it and especially how relaxed she felt because you were such lovely people. She absolutely loved her massage and as I thought the blend you have come up with is superb. Its so relaxing and de-stressing yet very sensual. We both loved it. We've both had a wonderful evening together, post massage. You both have wonderful hands and I have no doubt at all that if you are happy to see us both again we will be back as soon as we can find a babysitter." [Couple's sensual massage]


"I always come away feeling relaxed, happy and emotionally/internally rebalanced." [Female sensual massage from male therapist (regular monthly appointment)]

" We are just writing to say thank you for our parallel massage received yesterday, which we both found a very enjoyable experience. Everything was exactly as described as on your website and any nervousness on our part was soon dispelled by your professionalism." [Couple's sensual massages in parallel]


"Thank you so much for the massages this week, they exceeded our expectations, and we were both made to feel so relaxed and comfortable. We have already started to make plans for a return visit!" [Couple's sensual massages, one 2-hand, the other 4-hand]

"I just wanted to thank you both for my massage. It was a truly amazing experience and since then, I have felt so much more at peace with myself, on many levels. " [Female 4-hand sensual massage]


""Thank you for making me feel so welcome and relaxed yesterday. I'm feeling like a huge chunk of something snapped off yesterday and feel lighter. It was so good to be able to talk openly about the things that have been holding me down for so long, face to face and with no judgement. It felt like you tapped into my hidden self and I found my voice at last. It was like no other therapy I had experienced before and to have sensation that I am OK was huge."" [Female, combined emotional support and sensual massage session]

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for today. You both put my nerves at ease, you both have magic hands, and I look forward to coming back. I had a lovely time and have felt great all day." [Female 4-hand sensual massage]


"I just wanted to write a few words of thanks to you. We thoroughly enjoyed our treatments. It all felt so beautiful and more sensual than we both anticipated. We were both on a real high for the rest of the day! Personally, I've been blown away with how it made me feel. My body was still 'tingling' most of yesterday! It wasn't about just the orgasm, which I have to say was powerful beyond belief, but that my whole body felt on high alert for so long; like I could feel every inch of my body intensely. Don't know why; whatever it is, it's a wonderful feeling. You are an amazing lady and fabulous at what you do. Thank you for sharing that with us. We look forward to seeing you again soon. With grateful thanks to you both for your hospitality and personal attention." [from female, Couple's sensual massage]

"This was my first experience. Kim is so welcoming that any apprehension you might have about about nudity, or sexuality, melts away in a heartbeat. In fact the opposite happens, it is so freeing, liberating you wonder why on earth you never tried this before. The experience is unique in that your cares exit the building, you surrender to relaxed bliss while becoming increasingly aroused to the point of experiencing one of the best orgasmic releases youíre likely to. You donít leave Kim, you float back to whence you came. Kims approach of blending holistic, Reiki, tantra, and sensuality levels all barriers, caring for you as as a whole energetic emotional being, so the result is every aspect that is you is treated to bliss. Something we all need. " [Male sensual massage]


"I did not know really what to expect from the session, although I had a rough idea of what I was hoping for, but the reality was breathtaking and far exceeded anything I might have imagined. I felt very comfortable from the beginning and everything seemed very 'natural' (unaccustomed as I was to the situation!)." [Male sensual massage]

"I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the massage, it was truly incredible! On an emotional level, I felt my heart open as I started to release the pain that has been stored there over many years, it's such a liberating experience. Physically, my orgasm was so intense and completely different to anything I've ever felt before and considering I've never been able to climax when stimulated by someone else, it really says a lot about your level of skill! I feel a lot more connected to myself and more compassionate, hopefully one day I'll be able to accept my body fully.

The work that you do is so important to individuals and society as a whole, you have an incredible gift and I'm so glad you're sharing it with the world. I am writing this in the hope that it will encourage shy women (like me!) to give sensual massage a try. Thank you for putting me at ease and for being so kind - you have a truly beautiful mind, body and spirit.
" [Female sensual massage]


"Just wanted to thank you for a great massage today I have never experienced one quite like it!! Definitely the best ever!! I look forward to making another visit in the very near future." [Male sensual massage]

"Just a quick e-mail to thank you so much for our fantastic sensual massage this morning. It was truly amazing and we both feel energised and full of sexual vitality!! We will be in touch again in the near future to arrange our next visit .... thank you once again." [Couple's sensual massage]


"I am just responding to the fabulous treatment I received on Thursday, my whole body was still tingling when I got home, I felt so relaxed and at peace with the world, cannot thank you enough and I certainly shall return." [Male sensual massage]

"I just wanted to thank you for today, it was wonderful. It really shifted something and changed the way I think. Here's to the first stage of a better future." [Self-arousal Workshop for Women]


"Thank you very much for an amazing massage today. It was exceptionally relaxing and stimulating at the same time, if that makes sense! You made me feel very at ease and for a first time experience, it was awsome." [Male sensual massage]

"We loved the massage ...... wow what an experience, [my partner] is still talking about it tonight, she's just rubbing it in because she had two orgasms ... in fact the whole experience meant she actually had three, as we were both so turned on, so counting last night as well!" [Couple's 4-hand sensual massage]


"Thank you so much for such a blissfull afternoon on Saturday, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (our purring continued well into the evening)" [Couple's sensual massage]

"Thanks for an amazing experience, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with you both and afterwards!!" [Couple's 4-hand sensual massage]


"I just wanted to say Thankyou once again for another amazing experience. I feel fantastic after your massage. You played my body like an instrument! I lost count of how many times I peaked, and I felt like I melted on your massage couch! I feel like a different person since visiting you. I have more confidence in myself, feel good about myself for the first time in years, and feel sexy. [my husband] is loving the new me! We will definitely come back to see you again." [Female sensual massage (repeat client)]

"A very big thank you for an amazing experience on Saturday. You are a lovely couple and made us feel very welcome." [Couple's 4-hand sensual massage]


"Thank you so much for the superb massage and workshop session last weekend. We really enjoyed the time spent with you both and appreciate your thought and effort. We would like to thank you for all your help and encouragement."

"Thank you for the session and what a wonderful time we had. We got back home feeling very relaxed and good about ourselves."


"You are two very special people ..... and it [female sensual massage] really was appreciated. I feel such a different person now and have taken another step towards my new future. So much tension has disappeared and I have an inner calm at the moment."

"I visited Kim for the first time recently, and cannot recommend her more highly. Not only is her sensual massage very sensual, but she uses lots of holistic techniques that were unexpected, very professional, and very welcome."


"Just a note to thank you again for this morning's session. I had a fantastic time as well as learning so much." [Demonstration Workshop]

"Thank u so much for my appt last week. When I wasn't in utter ecstasy I was so relaxed I felt like I could have fallen through the table!!!" [2-hour 4-hand sensual massage for a woman]


"Very good couples massage from both of you. Really enjoyed our experience and will return when the opportunity arises. Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon."

"This was my first ever sensual massage, Kim was amazing, very friendly and relaxed me in no time. The whole massage was mind blowing, and I have even booked to come back next week, I would definately recommend it."


"Just a quick word of thanks to you and your husband for the session earlier today. The massage was wonderful and the workshop extremely enlightening ... I'll let you know how I get on! Hope to see you again in the future."

"Thank you for a marvellous time. That was the best birthday party I have ever had and makes the others seem very dull. To have spent two and a half hours in my birthday suit with a lovely lady in her birthday suit was absolutely delightful. Thank you so much and I very much hope to come again before my next birthday."


"You are a very special lady. Very professional, but at the same time able to put me, a new client at complete ease. It took only a few moments in your company to know I could give you my complete trust and respect, enabling me to relax and enjoy your massage (my first ever) to the full. I fully intend to return."

"I must compliment you both on your manner and technique, you are both so relaxed and professional and the sensual massage is a wonder to experience, especially four hands! It helps that you are both so calm and attractive and I found the demo [Demonstration Workshop] on both of you very erotic."


"I was very nervous about the sensual massage before the event, thank you for putting me at ease straight away. I will definitely be back." [female sensual massage]

"I have had other "massages" before but the sensual massage was fantastic. The first time in my life that I have experienced orgasm without strenuous exercise and instead of feeling exhausted, just wonderfully, totally relaxed. Really looking forward to my next appointment as soon as the opportunity allows."


"A great big thank you for a sensational [4-hand] experience from you and your husband. I hope to repeat sometime."

"[Couples Massage] ... Just a quick word to say thank you to you and your husband for our wonderful massage. You gave us a fantastic time, an experience that exceeded any expectations we had and will be remembered for a very long time."


"Excellent massage, four handed with Kim and her husband. The massage was professional, thorough, sensual and erotic, fulfilling all expectations."

"A wonderful holistic two and a half hour massage with Kim the like of which I have never experienced before - it was well worth the 160 mile round trip and at the end I booked a return visit and will try the sensual massage next time. Thank you Kim."


"[After our Couple's Demonstration Session] ... we are going from strength to strength, sex is the best it has ever been, I [female] can't believe that I can now reach an orgasm, my mind is opening and I want to learn more."

"Thank you for a really lovely, relaxing massage. Having never had a sensual massage before and thinking that I must be a bit weird to want one, it was all very relaxed and seemed completely natural! I will definitely come again soon if that's ok with you! Many thanks."


"It was a massage beyond excellent!! Everything and more than expected in every detail. The best massage in my long life (and I've had a few). No part of my body was not attended to. Exremely professional with a very charming lady. All exactly as described on the website. Thank you Kim, I will be back."

"Well what can I say, this afternoon was one of those eureka moments - massage will never be the same again!"


"... in terms of your outlook and latitude of thought in relation to how you give yourself in massage is beyond classification ..."

"Interesting how your professional body regulates the delivery of massage, but how refreshing to find you, Goddess Kim having re-invented the wheel and gave me not only an exceedingly therapeutic massage, but also an intensely sensual and pleasurable experience."


"A fantastic and enjoyable experiece Kim...... the only issue was that the time passed too quickly. Thank you so much for being you. Looking forward to seeing you again."

"Your web site is excellent and your speedy response to emails was outstanding. The directions were easy, the welcome was great and the massage was brilliant. I loved the heated cover to the massage table but the rest of the room needed to be a little warmer [we've taken care of that - Kim xx]. A fantastic massage (best ever) and I enjoyed the whole process. Thank you."


"Just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful experience. I can honestly say it was a complete revelation and made me realise what I've been missing all these years. "

"What a fantastic lady. Kim is very professional, polite and charming. She has the most wonderful hands and I felt ten years younger after my sixty minute session with her. To be in her company was very relaxing from start to finish."


"The best massage I have ever had, from beginning to end! Wow!!"

"Very enjoyable massage in every respect, Kim is a very friendly nice lady and very skilled in the technique of massage, very relaxing and pleasurable, highly recommend."


"I realise now that I've never had a proper massage before."

"Please can I book again for next week before I go? As early as possible, please"


"I had a fantastic sensual massage - one of my BEST orgasms. It was hard not to reciprocate!"

"I didn't expect to get a full proper massage."


"A thousand thanks for an absolutely remarkable evening! Any man (or woman, for that matter...) who doesn't melt in this lady's hands must need to learn to relax, seek medical attention or stop worrying about their staying power... My only regret is that I couldn't give anything back..."

"OMG what an unforgetable experience - K is such a superb masseuse and so friendly and easy to be with. If you get the chance to spend time with this lady, consider yourself lucky, she deserves all her accolades."


"Thanks for a very relaxed afternoon. anyone who is given time with this fine lady will definitely feel relaxed and this attentive sensual lady will make them feel 10 years younger. lol"