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What is Tantra?

The first thing to say is that Tantric Massage as a service does not - can not - exist!

Tantra Explained In the West, tantra has come to be viewed by many as a "cult of ecstasy", combining sexuality and spirituality to counterbalance Western repressive attitudes about sexuality, and tantra has become a synonym for "spiritual sex" together with the belief that sex per se is a sacred act which can take its participants to higher spiritual plane. This is far from revealing the true depth and breadth of tantra.

Tantra is all about energy, the fundamental - some might say divine - energy that underpins and maintains that universe. Tantra seeks to focus and channel that energy, within the human experience, dealing primarily with spiritual practices and ritual forms of worship, which aim at spiritual liberation and rebirth - and sexual tantra is but a small part of that.

Thus, tantra is not a sexual practice per se - rather it is a far reaching philosophy through which people may seek to expand themselves. Tantric texts indicate that sex has three purposes: procreation, pleasure, and "liberation". It may be that certain sexual rites emerging from ancient tantra were based on using biochemical changes in the body during sexual contact to achieve heightened states of awareness. It is this state of awareness that a sensual masseuse seeks to attain through the implementation of tantric techniques.

For a couple, sexual tantra is a means by which a couple can seek to achieve a level of emotional honesty and spiritual connection using physical intimacy, and ecstasy, to channel, direct and exchange the loving energy that holds the couple together. Sexual intercourse may or may not form part of the ritual, the male and female joined physically, representing the male and female principles, Shiva and Shakti. The goal is a subliminal fusion of Shiva and Shakti energies, beyond the physical experience, resulting in a united energy field. At the individual level, each participant experiences the channelling of his or her own Shiva and Shakti energy. Some sources suggest that the exchange of bodily fluids is part of the process but generally it is considered that the attainment of bliss and divine union is the goal.

Tantra Explained Understanding that sex is not, and shouldn't be, an "end game" with only the "winning goal" - orgasm - being important, tantra focuses on extending and intensifying the arousal period prior to climax and/or intercourse; therefore orgasm is never the goal itself. Indeed, in some tantric practice, suppression of male ejaculation is desirable (although the man may experience a number of orgasms without ejaculation) as the expulsion of semen is considered to be a loss of vital energy.

Similarly, women can reach an orgasmic plateau sometimes referred to as "the wave" due to the repeated peaking of sensation - each a sort of 'mini' orgasm - leading to the crashing, overwhelming sensation of deeply satisfying orgasm.

But for male and female alike, when tantric techniques are employed orgasm is often a heightened and more intense experience when it does happen because of the deeper relaxation and bond of trust that is fostered by sharing sensual massage.

Because the essential elements of caring and love are missing, I feel that no massage provided by a professional as a service can be called "tantric" and that is why I'm quite careful to refer to it as sensual massage. However, I can and do use tantric techniques and pay attention to the many erogenous zones as defined by tantra to offer a highly relaxing and increasingly arousing sensual experience.

Of the three tantra purposes for sex, sensual massage indeed offers pleasure but should also offer an opportunity for "liberation". Unlike coital tantric practice, sensual massage can be offered to the individual, using tantric techniques to not only give pleasure but also to release blocked energy and give a feeling of wellbeing, emotional release and peace.

Sashi Solluna, for me, sums up the use and mis-use of the term "tantra massage" in the article on her blog What is tantra massage, really?.