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Special Requirements

Don't be afraid to ask!

My philosophy is that you, the client, should have a fair deal whatever your needs, and that it's a cheat to make you pay more for that little bit extra. So, my sensual massage is all-inclusive, incorporating many of the things other therapists charge for as extras. In particular, I do not separate "Tantra" into a separate, artificial offering at a higher price - there really is no such thing as "Tantric Massage" anyway - rather, I incorporate tantric principles and techniques into all my massages.

On many web sites you will see confusing separate sections for "Sensual Massage", "Tantric Massage", "Special Massage", etc. Typically, the separate offerings have ever more expensive prices too! I don't charge for so-called "extras" - I incorporate everything into my standard massage framework.

Special Requirements Don't be embarrassed to ask for "special requirements" or something in particular to be included in your massage - I will consider your request and be honest and sympathetic with you if it falls outside of my comfort zone.

This is especially important for couples - in preparation for either a couple's massage, or a demonstration session - because it helps me understand your needs and to tune a session to you as individuals and as a couple


I am a friendly, open and approachable person but, because there is a small minority of clients who seem to want to take liberties and spoil it for everybody else, I do need to remind all my clients that they must be respectful at all times.

I am a professional massage therapist specialising in sensual massage using tantric techniques, not a sex worker, prostitute or escort. I do not provide any sexual services. If I include your erogenous zones during a massage it is entirely as part of a tantric technique. Penetration (sexual intercourse, oral sex, anal sex), kissing, cuddling (hugging) and "girlfriend experience" with clients do not form part of what I offer. Thank you for being understanding.