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Practical Sex Coaching


In response to numerous enquiries we have put together a programme of Practical Sex Coaching classes for Couples (some modules also available to singles). If you are interested in attending classes please contact us by e-mail at the address shown on the Contact page of this web site. Please use the Subject Line "Practical Sex Coaching" and give an indication in your e-mail of where you are located.


Workshop style classes offer not only information, theory and description, including tantric principles and techniques, but also practical demonstration of lovemaking, showing you skills that you can apply during your own lovemaking, and allowing you to experiment and practice under our guidance.

The tantric principles at the heart of what we teach are based on communication skills, and on giving and just as importantly receiving. Hopefully, you will learn how to give love and pleasure to your partner, and also learn how to receiving it yourself without holding back. When you, as a couple, can achieve both, then you may experience the circulation of sexual energy and profound togetherness.

The programme is designed primarily (but not exclusively) for clients in these categories:

  • Young couples (18+) starting serious sexual exploration together
  • New couples seeking a good foundation of knowledge for their sexual relationship
  • Established couples seeking to discover new ways of giving each other pleasure or to refresh their sex lives
  • Mid-Life couples seeking to understand the changes happening in their lives approaching, during and after menopause & andropause
  • Older couples facing the challenges of age
  • Selected* singles seeking specific help - for example women who have not had the opportunity, due to trauma, restrictive upbringing or other negativity, to fully embrace their sexuality or learn about sexual matters.
  • Selected* singles seeking a good foundation of knowledge for new sexual relationships (some modules only)

We are honoured to have clients referred to us by relationship and psychosexual counsellors, but couples and individuals may also contact us directly.

Please download the PDF document introducing the full format and options: Sex Coaching Programme (opens a new window).

We recommend you download and read the document before you contact us. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have and give us as much detail as possible about the issues you would like to address.

* For singles, an interview will be required before arranging sessions.