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Sensual Massage for Women by a Male

Sensual Massage for Women Many women, of all ages, are very interested in sensual massage by a man but are afraid of putting themselves at risk by visiting the wrong person. This is completely understandable and I offer a safe, comfortable environment specifically for women who would simply like to experience sensual massage from a man without sexual pressure or risk. For your security and peace of mind, Kim (my wife) will normally be somewhere in the building. If you are in any way unsure about sensual massage, or about me, please contact us, and Kim or I will be more than happy to talk to you by e-mail or telephone.

Why is it that I have so many clients from so far away? The simple answer is that there are few (or none at all) genuine, safe, masseurs in those clients' areas. When you are looking for sensual massage, please be careful! If you have been disappointed in the past, rest assured that, the massage you get from me will be far better than anything you will get from them, and your safety and security are paramount. I have a very good understanding and extensive experience of female sexual anatomy and of how to combine soothing touch, relaxation and arousal.

I am happy working with women of all ages (18+), shapes, sizes, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Quite often I encounter in my clients body issues, low confidence or low self-esteem. Sensual massage can be a valuable way to address such issues, and you can be assured that I will be friendly, sympathetic and respectful at all times.

Sensual Massage for Women Unlike some sensual massages you will read about on the Internet, you will receive from me a full whole body massage. The relaxing traditional massage will very gradually become more and more sensual, building your sensitivity and arousal, hopefully to one or more natural climaxes, after which you will have a few minutes to rest and become calm before you return to the world outside

What I aim to achieve with my female clients is a period of very deep relaxation during which the woman can let herself go, open up, put aside constraints, and give herself up to sensual pleasure without embarrassment or guilt. My focus is on relaxing you completely, clearing your mind, and building full-body arousal gently and progressively. Your role is passive, allowing yourself to relax and accept sensation and pleasure. I recognise that this is difficult for some women and I am very gentle and sympathetic.

Essentially a deeply relaxing, full body, holistic massage, sensual massage is a true tantric experience. It is based on the fundamental principles of tantra, in that energy liberated by traditional massage is channeled through skilled stimulation of areas of the body typically excluded from "traditional" massage. Sensual massage should be seen as a natural progression from traditional massage rather than a particular form of massage in its own right. The addition of different and more sensual techniques, as well as specific tantric techniques, enhances the massage experience to a level not possible in traditional massage - building arousal and deepening the relaxation at the same time - to balance sensation and enhance the feeling of well-being. This is a sensual massage, not a deep-tissue or sports massage. The aim of sensual massage is to achieve a state of complete relaxation and relief from tension and stress.

A very detailed description of Sensual Massage for Women, which I strongly recommend you read, is available by e-mail on request. Please also look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Sensual Massage for Women Skilled massage of the whole vulva, done together with clitoral and gentle internal massage, can be powerfully arousing and give a profound feeling of well-being. The G-Spot is a source of profound pleasure for many women, but it can also be the place where stress, tension, fear, anxiety, repressed emotion and past negative sexual imprinting such as abuse can be stored. It is possible to clear these trapped energies and emotions with tantric massage of your G-Spot. In combination with nipple and clitoral stimulation, this encourages and develops the orgasmic response allowing you to achieve - and receive - a much greater degree of pleasure.

Orgasm should never be the goal of a sensual massage (concentrating on that expectation can spoil the overall experience) but if orgasm does occur during your massage, give yourself up to the pleasure! I will gently remind you to keep breathing, stay relaxed, and will continue massaging. It is important to try not to succumb to the feeling that you should stop after the first orgasm. For some women, more orgasms may occur, each gaining in intensity - you may even experience a long, wave-like orgasm, which in Tantra is called "riding the wave." Many women can learn how to be multi-orgasmic with this kind of massage.

For some women, especially during G-spot stimulation, female ejaculation may occur. If this has never occurred for you, do not worry as it is perfectly normal, will not concern me, and I can explain it to you. Indeed, it is important to let this emotional release happen. Many women will have an outpouring of emotion, perhaps will cry real tears. This is also normal and to be encouraged.

Sensual Massage for Women At the end of your sensual massage, I will be happy to leave you to rest a few minutes and savour the profound peace and contentment you will experience while allowing you to slowly "come back" to the present. When you are ready to get up again, you can if you wish ask for a shower to refresh you and remove any excess oil, although the oil is good for your skin, giving it a subtle glow and leaving it feeling soft and supple.

If you would like to have your husband, partner or friend present during the sensual massage this is perfectly acceptable.

Why do I recommend 90 minutes or longer?

Sensual Massage for Women

New clients sometimes ask why I strongly recommend 90 minutes or longer for sensual massage. The advantage of 90 minutes is very simple - you get the same great massage but it is much more leisurely, you should be able to relax more deeply, and the arousal is more gradual and prolonged. Time seems to pass quickly during a really good massage - quite often a client will express surprise when I tell them half-way through that it's time to turn over.

This description of the Sensual Massage treatment can only be an outline as each massage is as individual as the client is. But while each massage is different, some things are constant - I always allow plenty of time between appointments so your massage will never be rushed and your safety, privacy and confidentiality will be respected at all times.

For prices, click Sensual Massage Prices

Sensual Massage for Women

My Sensual Massage is a fully "Naturist" massage and both of us will be completely naked throughout. You should be aware that parts of my body may touch yours during the massage. Please tell me if you are not comfortable with this.


I will do outcalls within a reasonable distance, but there may be an extra charge for travel time and expenses.

Booking an Appointment

Sensual Massage for Women

For further information, additional details of female sensual massage, and to make a booking, please contact me directly by e-mail to the address shown on the Contact page, with a Subject Line "Sensual Massage for Women by a Male". Please note that my available time is not always shown on the main Appointments Calendar so contact me directly for a booking. Evening and weekend appointments for Male-to-Female Sensual Massage may be available - don't be afraid to ask.