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Demonstration Workshops for Individuals

Demonstration Workshops for Individuals

Sensual Massage Demonstration Individuals

We have very extensive personal sexual knowledge and experience, and years of experience giving sensual and tantric massage to men, women and couples. In addition to giving sensual massage we can give demonstrations of the erogenous zones, of male and female sexual anatomy, and of sensual massage techniques. These educational workshops can be of benefit to men, women and couples who have limited sexual experience, or who wish to expand their knowledge of sexual anatomy, how it all works, and how to relax, arouse and give pleasure to partners.

A typical workshop includes a sensual massage for you, from one of us, so that you can experience some of the relaxation and sensual techniques we demonstrate. All optional topics listed in the downloadable document are available to both women and men (18+), of any sexual orientation. In addition to demonstrations we can also include time for discussion of any sexual issues you may have, or of problems arousing or giving pleasure to your partner. Each workshop is individually designed according to your needs, so the overall cost depends on the topics to be included and the total session time required.

There are additional options available to couples.

To download the document (PDF format) outlining the options for Demonstration Workshops for Individuals, please click here (opens a new window).