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Workshops for Couples

Couples Workshops

"The things you taught us have already enhanced our sex life. We feel much more confident sexually" Our Workshops are increasingly popular with couples of all ages - there is no age barrier to learning new ways to relax and please each other - and we already have as clients couples aged from early twenties to late seventies. The workshop style session, where all of us are intimately involved, offers to couples a practical demonstration of sensual massage, arousal and tantric techniques, showing you skills that you can apply during your own lovemaking and allowing you to experiment and practice under our guidance. We have an increasing number of couples with whom we have built a relationship over multiple sessions.

The workshops are suitable for a wide range of couples, from young couples wishing to learn simple but effective lovemaking skills, through to long-established couples seeking to revitalise their love life or find out what they may have missed during years of monogamy. Many people, even in this liberated age, have gaps in their knowledge of even their own bodies, or their partnerís, and we can include an element of sex education in the workshop as appropriate.

"We are going from strength to strength, sex is the best it has ever been, I [female] can't believe that I can now reach an orgasm, my mind is opening and I want to learn more" These sessions can be designed around your specific requirements, and we are always ready to discuss individual requirements with couples, so please don't be embarrassed to tell us when you first make contact. We ourselves have very wide sexual experience so we can be understanding and sympathetic to your needs. We are also able to discuss with you aspects of sexuality and alternative lifestyles.

The techniques we employ in our sensual massage are deeply relaxing, devoting additional attention to erogenous areas of your bodies, building arousal and deepening the relaxation at the same time, to balance sensation and enhance the feeling of well-being. We will show you how to use some of these techniques to give your partner pleasure, to build arousal gradually, to bring the massage to a natural conclusion and to ease your partner into deep relaxation.

Sensual Massage Demonstration Couples We will show you a variety of simple but effective whole body massage techniques to soothe and calm your partner, and further techniques to build sensitivity and receptiveness. Then, we will demonstrate detailed techniques focusing on erogenous zones to build and maintain arousal.

The massage may or may not lead to release through orgasm for either or both of you, but the key remains the balance of sensations throughout the massage. To maintain that balance we use a variety of tantric techniques that may allow you to reach high states of arousal, even possibly experience multiple climaxes before eventual release. Many people enjoy this process as it heightens sensitivity and awareness of your own body. With practice, the whole of your bodies will be involved; youíll breathe deeply and easily; the mind will calm, allowing negative emotional energy, tension and stress to be channelled through your genitals and released in a controlled way.

What is involved?

To allow us to explain the techniques we work together to demonstrate on each other or, with your permission, on you. We both have long experience in sensual awakening of both women and men using tantric techniques. Together, we can offer you very intimate demonstration of sensual massage and arousal techniques, and the chance to practice on each other, guided by us. We work together very successfully - our rate of repeat clients is testament to that.

We are both completely relaxed with our sexuality and with yours and it is your choice as to which of us massages whichever of you. We ike to discuss this with you in advance and we can also talk on the day. Detailed descriptions of all the massage options are available on request. Please send e-mail to the address shown on the Contact page of this web site, with the Subject line "Massage Options".

Normally during a workshop you will each have a full body sensual massage, including work to de-stress tense muscles and induce full relaxation. There will be a balance between therapeutic massage and soothing touch. Progressively, we introduce more and more intimate touching, showing you where on your bodies to touch each other to induce relaxation, pleasure and arousal, and introduce how to apply specific techniques. The intimate areas will include the obvious erogenous zones but also less well known, but equally important, erogenous zones.

Moving on to the demonstration phase, we will show you, on our own bodies or directly on yours, details of sexual anatomy, some of the techniques in greater detail, and introduce additional techniques. We will encourage you to explore each other's bodies and practice under our guidance.


The cost of the session will vary according to what we decide together is best for you as a couple - each workshop is designed specifically for you. We recommend a minimum of 90 minutes for each individual sensual massage, to allow time for you to relax and get over any initial nervousness, followed by a period of demonstration, the overall time and the number of sessions depending upon what we agree should be in the workshop. The hourly rate is shown on the Sensual Massage Prices page.

Please write for more details, and give us as much information as possible to help us design a session specific to your personal needs as a couple. We may need to ask you some personal questions relating to what each of you find arousing and what, if anything, you find off-putting. We are always ready to discuss individual treatments and requirements - do not be afraid to ask - it helps us if you are as open and direct as you need to be.

Workshop Format

Sensual Massage Demonstration Couples

We offer a very flexible format for Workshops, where you will tell us which options you would like to include in each of your sessions, and we then write a customised workshop proposal designed to suit you best as a couple.

Please download the PDF document outlining the full format and options in more detail: Workshop for Couples (opens a new window).

We recommend you download and read the document to see the options before you contact us. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have and if there are any topics relating to practical demonstration of sensual massage, tantric techniques and lovemaking skills that you, as a couple, would like to see included in the Workshop then please suggest them.

Sex Coaching Programme

If more in-depth tuition is required, or there are specific issues with which you need help or advice, Sex Coaching sessions are available.

Workshop style classes offer not only information, theory and description, including tantric principles and techniques, but also practical demonstration of foreplay, showing you skills that you can apply during your own lovemaking, and allowing you to experiment and practice under our guidance.

Please ask for details.

Workshop Etiquette

Both of you, and both of us, will normally be fully naked during the workshop but robes are available for your comfort if you wish. In order to demonstrate certain techniques (for example, G-spot or prostate massage) we may invite you to watch us touch each other very intimately. It is essential that you are both completely comfortable that. Please ask for clarification if necessary and if you have any limitations please make them crystal clear.