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Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage Sensual Massage is not a sexual service. The principle of Sensual Massage is that energy liberated by traditional massage is channeled through skilled stimulation of areas of the body typically excluded from “traditional” massage. Sensual massage should be seen as a natural progression from traditional massage rather than a particular form of massage in its own right. The addition of different and more sensual techniques, as well as tantric techniques, enhances the massage experience to a level not possible in traditional massage. This allows the client – male or female - to reach an almost meditative focus, and achieve a deeper level of relaxation and relief from stress.

Sensual Massage Many things can come up during a sensual massage – blocked emotions; blocked energy in the form of mental or emotional stress and anxiety; physical tension – and the client can find relief from these in different ways. Laughter, tears, feeling very sleepy, or feeling highly energized, are just a few examples of responses one might experience as a result of tuning-in to their body so fully and letting go so completely. Orgasm is another response – and often a welcome one - but it is not necessarily a goal of sensual massage.

All that said, however, orgasm as a response to sensual stimulation is one which can be hindered, or blocked all together, by stress and tension, creating stress and anxiety of its own. If done in a safe, warm, seductive and caring atmosphere, sensual massage can also help the client to overcome difficulty with orgasm.

Sensual Massage You may be confused by the different terms "Tantric Massage" and "Sensual Massage" or "Erotic Massage". Please read my page What is Tantra? for an explanation and a recommended external link to Sashi Solluna's blog.

It is important that you know that Sensual Massage includes tantric techniques touching of areas of the body normally excluded from traditional massage and which may result in physical arousal. Both client and therapist will be naked throughout the treatment. Please do not ask for Sensual Massage if this might offend you.