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Self-Arousal Workshop for Women

Self-Arousal Workshop for Women Self-arousal (masturbation, if you prefer the term) is a very valuable way for a woman to have pleasure, relieve stress and relax. It can even be developed into a form of powerful meditation. Using self-arousal it is not uncommon for a woman to have at least as great a rewarding, deep, relaxing, sexual experience as they can with their partner. Their partners should not see this as a threat - rather, they should have joy in the woman's sexual expression!

Most women - of all ages, married, attached or single, heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian - enjoy self-arousal as part of their sex life, with or without the involvement of a partner. However, for many women, suppression or discouragement of their natural urge, whether in early life or by later partners, has resulted in restricted development of self-arousal skills, and women rarely seek help from their peers for fear of ridicule or damaged friendships.

As a result of enquiries from a number of women seeking experience and tuition, I have developed a Self-Arousal Workshop specifically for women wishing to learn techniques for self-arousal or experiment with a variety of female-friendly toys in a safe and relaxed environment. I will demonstrate techniques on myself and on you, and we may practice together. We can also discuss prolonged self-arousal as a form of meditation.

These sessions can be designed around your specific requirements, and I am always ready to discuss individual requirements, so please don't be embarrassed to tell me when you first make contact.

To download the document (233 KB, PDF format) outlining the Self-Arousal Workshop for Women, please click here (opens a new window).