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Prices for Traditional Massage

Massage duration

Holistic Massage is ideally 90 minutes, and this is strongly recommended to ensure time for complete relaxation and treatment of specific issues. A 60 minute session is available on request - please ask when contacting me for an appointment.

Full details of my working hours are on my Appointments page.

For your first appointment, it will be necessary for you to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of time to allow time for a consultation. For following appointments, please plan to arrive a few minutes early so your massage can begin on time. Thank you.

Please note that session durations include time to welcome you, and for you to shower and dress after your massage (see Terms & Conditions). If you would like a shower before your massage, please let me know in advance and arrive a few extra minutes before your appointment start time.


To avoid unnecessary stress at the end of a session, I respectfully request full payment in cash before starting. Please note that I do not accept credit or debit cards. This is because very few clients want to pay in this way and the card processing companies impose absurd rental charges for the equipment, so it does not make economic sense.

Naturist Traditional Massage

Traditional Massage Prices

Naturist Massage is widely available in certain holiday destinations and many clients have asked if it can be available here even for Traditional (non-Sensual) Massage. Accordingly, all of the Traditional Massages offered here are "Naturist" massages and both you and your therapist will be completely naked during the massage. The prices shown in the table below include a notional amount for the massage being Naturist.

If you do not want a Naturist Massage, please make that clear when you book, or immediately upon arrival, then your therapist will remain fully clothed, and towel management will normally be employed. Your therapist has received full training in the towel management procedures normally employed in UK spas and will normally cover designated parts of your body as appropriate.

However, for full-body massage your therapist believes that she is best able to carry out your massage if you are completely naked, allowing access to parts of your body difficult to work on through clothing (towels may still be used if necessary for warmth). Before your massage starts towel management will be discussed and you will be asked which, if any, areas of your body you prefer to be kept covered during the massage.

Price Table

Holistic Massage (recommended)90 mins70
Holistic Massage60 mins50
Deep Tissue Holistic Massage60 mins60
Mini-massage (back, neck and shoulder)30 mins30
Deep Tissue Mini-massage (back, neck and shoulder)30 mins35
Hot Stone Massage90 mins70
Indian Head Massage30 mins40


Cancellations and No-Shows ...

Please see the Terms & Conditions here: Terms & Conditions