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Naturist Traditional Massage

What is Naturist Massage?

The naturist traditional massages that I offer are simply proper massage from an experienced, qualified and insured therapist, but performed with you or both of us completely naked.

What are the benefits of Naturist Traditional Massage?

There are several benefits to you having your massage naked:

  • I can work on important areas of your body (such as buttocks) that are excluded from Spa-style non-naturist massage
  • you may feel more comfortable - even liberated - being completely naked, without the feel of towels or clothing on your body
  • we don't have to worry about the inconvenience and disruption of "towel management", so the massage can be more relaxed and natural, without interruption
  • if I (your therapist) am naked too, I can move more freely, not have to worry about my clothing rubbing on your body, and we can equalise the temperature of the room so that we are both comfortable

I believe so strongly that naturist massage is the best thing for most people that by default I offer traditional massages naked. If you want a traditional massage but prefer it to be non-naturist please make that clear when you book.

What is the difference between Naturist Traditional Massage and Sensual Massage?

Tranquil Body Indulgence Naturist Massage

In a sense, any massage should be sensual, in that one of the aims of massage is to raise your awareness and stimulate your senses. My Naturist Traditional Massages do not include massage of the genitals, or promote arousal, but do include all other appropriate parts of your body. If you are interested in a Sensual Massage please look at the relevant pages on this web site.

I am a friendly, open and approachable person but, because there is a small minority of clients who seem to want to take liberties and spoil it for everybody else, I do need to remind all my clients that they must be respectful at all times.