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Our sexuality and yours

Tranquil Body Indulgence Sensual Massage

I am bisexual (I'd rather call myself "heteroflexible"), my husband is also heteroflexible, meaning that we do not seek out bisexual contact with others but we have no problem intimately touching members of our own gender. We are sympathetic to the feelings of gay, bisexual, and bi-curious men and women, and are friendly and respectful to people of any race, colour, orientation or personal lifestyle.

Gay or Bi women

I am a female masseuse and, being heteroflexible myself, I am completely relaxed giving sensual massage to a woman, and understand her special needs. I welcome gay, bisexual and bi-curious women who would like to feel the special warmth of a woman's touch on their body.

Gay or Bi men

Tranquil Body Indulgence Sensual Massage

If you are a gay, bisexual or just bi-curious man, or simply want male touch, my husband is available to give you a sensual massage. We offer a safe, comfortable environment specifically for gay, bisexual or simply curious men who would simply like to experience sensual massage from a man, and the touch of a sympathetic, understanding man on their body, without sexual pressure or risk.


I have experience giving sensual massage to pre- and post-op transsexual people.


If cross-dressing is your particular pleasure - for example you enjoy wearing ladies' knickers - you are welcome to enjoy that as you arrive for your massage. Obviously, clothing will hinder the massage and you must accept that they must be removed before the massage starts.


Tranquil Body Indulgence Sensual Massage

I am a friendly, open and approachable person but, because there is a small minority of clients who seem to want to take liberties and spoil it for everybody else, I do need to remind all my clients that they must be respectful at all times.

I am a professional massage therapist specialising in sensual massage using tantric techniques, not a sex worker, prostitute or escort. I do not provide any sexual services. If I include your erogenous zones during a massage it is entirely as part of a tantric technique. Penetration (sexual intercourse, oral sex, anal sex), kissing, cuddling (hugging) and "girlfriend experience" with clients do not form part of what I offer. Thank you for being understanding.