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Tranquil Body Indulgence

We have moved to Spain!

We have moved to Spain and our UK business is now permanently closed.

We would like to thank our loyal clients, especially those who have become "regulars", and wish you well for the future. We have met many lovely people and our work has been very spiritually rewarding.

History of Tranquil Body Indulgence

Tranquil Body Indulgence

Why have we kept this information page? Mainly to explain who we are in case you find us on web searches. Also, it is possible that we may at some time in the future offer some aspects of our work at our new home in Spain - watch this space!

Our aim was to provide all the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of traditional holistic massage but with the optional addition of more specialised sensual and tantric techniques which expand on those benefits, enhancing the experience to a greater level than is possible in traditional holistic massage.

Have you ever wondered what sensual or tantra massage really is?

The sensual massage we offered was not a sexual service but a true tantric experience, starting with a relaxing traditional full-body massage, moving seamlessly through increasing sensual, intimate arousal using tantric techniques to a natural climax. Many clients said that they had never had a really good massage before!

We used a combination of sensations, using a variety of tantra techniques, breathing control and meditation, building and controlling, soothing but heightening sensitivity, until the client was fully relaxed and final release may have taken over. On the way you may have reached a series of peaks, which can be a very pleasurable and rewarding experience. This was a Naturist massage - were both fully naked during the massage and you may have found that the incidental touch of our bodies against yours further enhanced the sensuality.

Warning! We were notified that, very unfortunately, several websites were set up containing a large amount of copyrighted text copied illegally from our site, offering sensual massage for women and couples using our massage descriptions.

Please be aware that these people are not connected with us in any way and take great care if you decide to visit them.

Sensual Massage for Men, Women and Couples


Our sensual massage was suitable for both men and women (being heteroflexible - we had no problem giving intimate massage to either sex), and joint massage sessions for couples (Massage for Lovers) were available. We are not medically qualified, but offered the benefit of our extensive experience with common problems such as erectile difficulties in men and difficulty reaching orgasm in women.

Demonstration Workshops for Couples and Individuals

We also offered special intimate Demonstration Workshops for Couples and Individuals to explore and learn tantric techniques to enhance your own lovemaking. During the sessions we demonstrated sexual anatomy and erogenous zones, intimate massage and tantric techniques, and offered the chance to practice during the session. We had a number of couples with whom we built a relationship over multiple sessions.

Demonstration Workshops for Women

We offered a practical Self-Arousal Workshop for women wishing to discuss and learn about hormonal issues, learn about their own bodies, learn techniques for self-arousal, or experiment with a variety of female-friendly toys in a safe and relaxed environment. We also discussed prolonged self-arousal as a form of meditation.

Sex Coaching

As part of, or separate to, the Demonstration Workshops we introduced Sex Coaching sessions. These were primarily put together for couples wishing to tackle sexual relationship issues, learn more about sex, learn about each other's bodies and sexual needs, or explore new and different ways to enjoy sex. We also offered some sessions for individuals, for example women who had not had the opportunity, due to trauma, restrictive upbringing or other negativity, to fully embrace their sexuality or learn about sexual matters. We were honoured to have clients referred to us by relationship and psychosexual counsellors, but couples and individuals also contacted us directly.

A little more information ...


We were located near Swindon (Wiltshire), in the M4 corridor, and had clients from all over the UK, from Europe, Australia and the USA.

Why is it that we had so many clients from so far away? The simple answer is that there are few (or no) genuine, qualified, safe massage professionals in those areas. When you are looking for sensual massage, please be careful!

Be sure to visit the Testimonials page to see what our clients said about us!