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Hot Stone Massage

Stone therapy has been in use for thousands of years in India, China, Japan, ancient Egypt and Rome, as well as among the Native American tribal nations. Although they lacked the scientific knowledge we have today about the effects of temperature on the body/mind/spirit, these cultures understood that the use of stones both heated and chilled - could relieve pain, reduce inflammation and swelling, improve the circulation, tone the muscles and skin, and ease tension and anxiety.

It is this tradition and understanding of the energetic, healing, and balancing qualities of the stones that is passed on today in the form of Hot Stone Massage. A single massage using hot stones, or an alternation of heated and chilled stones, is equivalent to three traditional massages because the use of temperature deepens and intensifies the effects of the massage itself.

Typically 90 minutes long and profoundly relaxing, stone massage is the perfect antidote to stress and tension in the body. When the muscles relax the breath deepens, slows and comes more easily, the mind quietens and emotions are calmed, all of which allow the body to find and regain its own balance which, in turn, promotes healing from within.