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Holistic Traditional Massage

Holistic Traditional Massage This is the classic, Swedish massage, designed to bring your mind, spirit and body back into balance. It can be a soothing, luxurious massage for those times when you want a bit of pampering. It can be a deeper, more therapeutic massage for those times when you’ve overworked your muscles. Or it can be something in between for those times when life has become a little overwhelming and you’re feeling a bit stressed and need some time out to relax.

I offer full body massage which can be either 60 minutes or 90 minutes long (recommended). I also offer back, neck and shoulder massage which is typically 30 minutes in length. All massages are customised to suit your individual needs and comfort level. The success of any massage depends upon clear communication between therapist and client - I will encourage you to discuss with me what your needs are so together we can create the experience that will be the best and most satisfying for you.

Holistic Traditional Massage At the end of your massage, I will leave you for a few minutes to savour and enjoy the feeling of warmth and relaxation. As I use only pure, high quality oils which are very beneficial for the skin, I encourage my clients to simply towel off any excess oil. However, there are robes and a bathroom available for those who would prefer a warm shower before getting dressed again.