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Indian Head Massage

This specific form of head massage began in ancient India with barbers who performed it on their clients as it was thought to stimulate hair growth and reduce dandruff. Different types of oils were used depending on the time of year and whether that particular oil was considered to be warming or cooling. Indian head massage can also help to lessen the symptoms of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and tempro-mandibular joint syndrome (pain, tension and/or clicking in the jaw joint), drain the sinuses, and, as massage does for the whole body, improve skin tone and circulation in the face and scalp.

Because Indian head massage includes the neck, shoulders, upper back and arms, it is a great stress reliever as well. There are many Marma points (in China these are known as acupressure points) in all of these parts of the body as well as in the face and scalp and the gentle flow of pressure over these points helps to relieve tension, minor aches and pains and stiffness as well as open up the free flow of energy along the meridians connecting all the Marma points of the body.

As it works with the upper chakras to balance them, and does improve the flow of energy through the Marmas, Indian Head Massage is a profoundly relaxing type of massage. We will breathe together and make a connection; it is possible – indeed desirable – for you to close your eyes and meditate during your massage. For these reasons, Indian Head Massage can leave you feeling quite sleepy afterward! It’s important to remember to take it easy after experiencing this massage; drink lots of water, especially if your sinuses are draining, and rest. It can done seated, having only removed the clothing from your upper body. (It can be done clothed as well, but I feel it is more effective if I can actually touch your skin.) Or it can be done lying on the massage table – the choice is yours.