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Group Sensual Massage

What is Group Sensual Massage?

Tranquil Body Indulgence Group Sensual Massage

Group Sensual Massage Sessions are intended for small groups of couples (up to a maximum of 4 couples) wishing to get together to enjoy giving sensual massage to each other and enjoy being massaged themselves. This is essentially a social occasion, the emphasis being on a fun day (or part day) but also hopefully an opportunity to learn new techniques and enhance skills. We will be on hand to contribute, to teach, and to do massages ourselves.

Tranquil Body Indulgence Group Sensual Massage The format of each session will vary according to the experience of the participants. At least one of the couples in each session must have been trained by us, or we require training to be part of the session. For sessions where all the couples are untrained, or where the couples request extra training, we will be available throughout the session for demonstration or tuition as required. We can also provide specific tuition, such as a tour of the erogenous zones, male & female sexual anatomy, and G-spot massage.

We provide a room, music, massage tables, towels and linens, massage oil and tissues! Participants should bring their own robe for warmth or modesty, and slippers in the winter months. When a full day is booked we will provide a light lunch. Water and soft drinks will be provided; alcoholic drinks may be brought by participants (for consumption in moderation!).


Tranquil Body Indulgence Group Sensual Massage

Couples wishing to get together must organise their own session participants list and are responsible for pre-payment of the rate agreed for each individual session. As time goes on we will build up a list of possible participants to make available, but we will not invite participants or organise groups ourselves.

Important Considerations

Each member of all couples MUST be fully on-board (no exceptions!) and agree to the Terms & Conditions for the session, which include acceptance of nudity, and of giving and receiving intimate touch. It goes without saying that every person present can expect every other participant to respect their personal boundaries. Full nudity the great leveller - will be encouraged.

Arranging a session

Tranquil Body Indulgence Group Sensual Massage

If you would like to arrange a group sensual massage session please first get together your list of participants. Then contact us at the e-mail address shown on the Contact page to let us know the number of participants, the duration of session you would like (full or half day), what you would like to include in your session, and your preferred date (please give some alternatives if you can). We will then discuss with you the details and cost, and arrange pre-payment.