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Checklist of Sensual Massage Features

My philosophy is that you, the client, should have a fair deal whatever your needs, and that it's a cheat to make you pay more for that little bit extra. So, my sensual massage is all-inclusive, incorporating many of the things other therapists charge for as extras. In particular, I do not separate "Tantra" into a separate, artificial offering at a higher price - there really is no such thing as "Tantric Massage" anyway - rather, I incorporate tantric principles and techniques into all my massages.

On many web sites you will see confusing separate sections for "Sensual Massage", "Tantric Massage", "Special Massage", etc. Typically, the separate offerings have ever more expensive prices too! I don't charge for so-called "extras" - I incorporate everything into my standard massage framework.


My Sensual MassageStandard
Full traditional massage
Tantric techniques included
Naturist massage (both fully naked)
Extra charge for "tantra"
Extra charge for options
Straightforward pricing structure
Fully qualified
Fully insured
Hot shower available
Full size massage table
Heated massage table
Warm, comfortable room
Freshly laundered linens & towels
Non-biological detergents
Scrupulously clean, antibacterial, antiviral soaps
Do I use nut oils?
Private, secluded location
Ample, off-street parking