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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find your location?

We are located a few miles west of Swindon, Wiltshire. The nearest motorway junction is M4 J16 (10 minutes). When we have agreed a booking you will be sent very detailed directions, including links to Google Maps and Streetmap, and a map showing the exact location.

Is your studio location private? Do you have off-street parking?

The location is a private detached house in a secluded rural location, with ample private parking adjacent to the house.

Do you have facilities for disabled clients?

We have limited facilities for disabled visitors. Access to the massage room normally used is via a staircase of 12 steps, but we can also, by prior arrangement, use a room on the lower level. Wheelchair users must be able to tackle a 20 cm (8 inch) threshold and lift themselves on to an 80 cm (31.5 inch) high massage table. Unfortunately, access to the shower is not possible for wheelchair users.

Why is it so important for me to arrive on time, or slightly early?

Apart from being simple good manners (would you be late for a meeting with your bank manager?), there are frequently situations where, because of clients or other commitments following you, it is essential to start your session on time. We ask you to arrive a few minutes early (say 10 minutes) to ensure that. If you are late it may not be possible to have the full massage time you have paid for. If you discover you are likely to be late it is important that you contact us immediately on the phone number given in the directions document.

Can I pay by card, bank transfer or cheque?

Unless we have a rare pre-arrangement, only cash is accepted (in UK sterling, euros or US dollars). The costs of card processing are very high and itís not economic for the very few clients who wish to pay by card.

Can I expect complete confidentiality?

Complete confidentiality is important and is expected from you too. Your name and details will never be disclosed to any third party without your express permission.

How do I know I am safe?

You are welcome to bring your partner/spouse, or a friend. If you come alone you can request that the therapistís own spouse is present (in the building, not in the massage room).

Can I talk to you on the phone before making a booking?

You are very welcome to ask any questions you may have by e-mail. To avoid spam phone calls and men seeking to engage in ďphone sexĒ, I regret that it is not generally possible to talk on the phone before a booking is made. However, it may possible to talk on the phone to women seeking reassurance before they book.

What do you need to know about me?

Essential items are: contact phone number (strictly for emergency use only), approximate age, sexuality and any medical conditions. Anything else you wish to provide will be welcome, may help prepare for your visit, and will be treated in strict confidence.

Do you offer appointments at the weekend?

The way we schedule weekends is a bit complicated but it is the way we have found works best.

We keep weekends reserved for possible couple appointments until the Thursday preceding. Then we review our bookings either side of the weekend to see what opportunity we have for time off for ourselves! Only at that point might we open up the weekend for individuals. What we are trying to achieve is a balance between clients needs and our personal leisure time.

The other way that we sometimes open up weekend time for individuals is to try to fit an individual appointment around a booked couple's appointment. These appointments are shown on the Appointments Calendar. Because couples' sessions are long, the most likely appointment times for these individual appointments are 10 am or 3 pm.

Do you offer outcalls (mobile massage)?

I am sometimes asked if I can travel to a hotel or private home to do a massage. I only do outcalls under very special circumstances so, generally, the answer - for me - is no. There are several reasons for this:

  • I do not believe I can do a good massage (of any kind) on a bed or futon. The process of breaking down and re-assembling my massage table and carrying it (and all the other things I need) to a different location is time-consuming and hard on my back.
  • I work in my own comfortable studio and I believe that the ambiance is important to the relaxation and feeling of well-being.
  • I have to take care of my own safety. Dangerous people are rare, but it only takes one "client" to injure, rape or even kill me.
  • The whole process of travelling to, and setting up in, a different location uses up a lot of time (usually more than the massage itself!). Obviously, I have to charge for that time making the overall cost too high for the client.

My husband will do outcalls within a reasonable distance, but there may be an extra charge for travel time and expenses.

Do I need to bring anything?

In general, you do not need to bring anything. You are welcome to shower when you arrive and/or after the session. We provide towels, shower gel and shampoo, but you may prefer to bring your own. If you have hair long enough to get in the way of the massage or get oily please bring something to tie it up.

What should I wear?

For most therapies you will be unclothed so it doesnít matter what you are wearing when you arrive. For a few therapies partial clothing may be appropriate (for example, Indian Head Massage). We provide bathrobes but you may prefer to bring your own. If you wish to retain the nourishing oil on your body then wearing or bringing some old clothes may be a good idea.

I have piercings and/or tattoos. Is this a problem?

Healed piercings (including intimate piercings) and healed tattoos are not a problem.

Must jewellery be removed?

For most therapies all jewellery except finger rings and piercings should be removed.

Should I take a bath or shower before I arrive? Can I have a shower before or after the massage?

Obviously you should be clean before we start the massage. If you have not been able to shower or bathe before you arrive you are welcome to shower here. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can start the massage on time. After your massage excess oil will be gently removed from your body, then you are welcome to take a shower or leave the nourishing oil on your skin. Please say if you know in advance that you will not wish to shower after the massage.

May I wear perfume, aftershave or any other strong smelling scent?

Unfortunately, many perfumes and aftershaves cause an allergic reaction in some people so please do not wear them. Please also consider that strong perfumes dominate and linger, and will disturb the scent of aromatherapy oils used in the room to try to achieve a calming, relaxing environment, not just for you but for following clients.

Am I naked during the massage? Do I have to be naked?

All full-body massages, traditional and sensual, are normally done with the client naked, and we believe that we can do the massage most effectively that way. Some other therapies, such as Indian Head Massage, do not require the client to be naked.

For traditional massage it is possible to cover the parts of your body you wish to have covered while other parts are being massaged. Obviously, parts of your body you wish to keep covered throughout cannot be massaged.

For sensual massage, because every part of your body will be massaged, it is difficult or impossible to do the massage effectively if you are not naked.

Do I need to prepare my body in any way? Do I need to shave anywhere?

There is no actual requirement to prepare your body in any way except for cleanliness. Trimmed body hair can make the massage easier and smoother, but is not required. For sensual massage, closely trimmed pubic hair, full waxing or shaving is an definite advantage, but is not required.

Is the therapist naked? Can I ask for the therapist to remain clothed?

During all full-body massages, traditional and sensual, the therapist will normally be naked. This is because we find it easier (and cooler) to work naked. You may request that the therapist remains clothed but there may be a need to reduce the room temperature. Some other therapies, such as Indian Head Massage, do not require the therapist to be naked.

Can I request that some parts of my body are not touched (even in a sensual massage)?

Of course! Just bear in mind that you may miss out on some of the benefits!

I can be very vocal when I am receiving pleasure - is this a problem?

Absolutely no problem, rather the reverse! Vocal expression - moaning, shouting, crying, even swearing - is perfectly natural and acceptable. Such release of emotion is part of what Tantra is all about and is to be encouraged. Do not be embarrassed, do not hold back, let yourself go. Nothing will cause offence and our secluded location means you will not be overheard.

Female Ejaculation: I sometimes ejaculate during arousal. Is this a problem?

That is perfectly OK. Just a little bit or a flood, it's no problem at all. Do not be embarrassed, do not hold back and spoil your enjoyment, itís all natural! Talk to us before the massage starts if you are worried.

Iím having a sensual massage and I have my period. Is this a problem?

It depends on the flow. If you are just spotting or the flow is almost disappeared then there should not be a problem. If the flow is heavy then neither you nor the therapist will feel comfortable and you should reschedule.

Can my partner/spouse be present during my massage? Does he/she have to be naked too?

Yes, of course, if you are comfortable having your partner/spouse present during your massage that is perfectly acceptable. He or she can be naked too, may remain clothed or may wear the robe provided.

Can I or my partner take photographs or video?

Photography is permitted only rarely and under very strict conditions.

Are mobile phones permitted?

For your benefit, to avoid disturbing your massage, and for our privacy, all mobile phones and similar devices capable of transmitting voice or data, or of recording audio or digital media, must be turned off when you are in the massage room. If your phone must be left on it can be left in your car or elsewhere in the house.

Can I ask for special requirements?

Yes, do not be embarrassed to ask. Not every request will be granted, but each will be treated seriously.

What do other clients say about you?

There is a Testimonials page on the web site showing genuine comments made by clients.

Do you have Terms & Conditions?

The current version is here: Terms & Conditions.

Do you offer any sexual services?

No sexual services are offered (tantra and sensual massage are not sexual services).