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We are moving to Spain!

After more than 8 years in the UK providing tantric sensual massage and educational workshops, we are moving to Spain at the end of March 2018. Our last working day in the UK will be March 28th. If you want to see us before then please book immediately!

We would like to thank our loyal clients, especially those who have become "regulars", and wish you well for the future. We have met many lovely people over the years and our work has been very spiritually rewarding.


Making contact: Whether you send mail directly, or use one of the Contact Forms, please be aware that ALL bookings are made by e-mail only, not by phone. You must use a valid e-mail address, which will be used to send you confirmation of a booking and the location directions. If you fill in a Form but give an incorrect or ficticious e-mail address you will not receive a reply!

How to contact me ...

It is very important that you read all of this page, and that you view the Appointments Calendar for a guide to availability before requesting a booking.

Once you have selected an available day, give me your preferred time of day to start the session and I will do my best to agree an appointment start time as near as possible.

You can either send e-mail directly, including all the details requested below, to:

or you can use one of these Contact Forms.

I will respond as soon as possible but please remember that I will not be able to reply immediately if I am giving a massage when your e-mail arrives.

Check your Spam Folder! If you have not received a reply within a few hours please check your Spam Folder. Increasingly, Internet Service Providers are introducing over-strict spam filters that trap wanted, as well as unwanted, messages.

When you send me e-mail to book a session you must provide all of the following or you may not receive a reply:

  • the full name by which you wish to be known
  • a valid e-mail address (without a valid address you will not receive a reply!)
  • a contact telephone number (essential - for emergency use only)
  • the kind of massage you would like
  • the duration
  • a date & time that is good for you (please give at least one alternative if possible)

(Please note that I will not confirm a booking if you do not provide a telephone number)

It is also helpful if you tell me:

  • a rough idea of where you will be travelling from (for me to judge possible travel problems)
  • your approximate age (I do not discriminate but it helps me prepare for your session)
  • your sexuality (straight, gay, bisexual, bi-curious - I do not discriminate but it helps me prepare for your session)
  • how you found me (if an advertising site or forum, please tell me which one)

Full details of my working hours are on my Appointments Page.

All massages and workshops are held in my own studio. Please note that I do not do outcalls. My husband will do outcalls within a reasonable distance, but there may be an extra charge for travel time and expenses.

Why do I insist on having your phone number to complete a booking? Simply because in emergency (such as illness or electric power failure) I may need to contact you urgently. I will only contact you in an emergency and then only by text message.

Please note that I do not make booking arrangements by telephone. This is because of a lot of spam calls, the lack of a paper trail for bookings, and the fact that the directions information I send out is too long for mobile phones to accept.

Because of difficulties I have experienced in the past trying to sort out appointments by phone or text message I now require that ALL bookings be completed by e-mail. When we confirm a booking I will give you a contact number in case you need to reach me urgently but all non-urgent communication must be via e-mail.

Please note - I do NOT answer calls from withheld numbers.

Cancellations and No-Shows ...

I hold a liberal cancellation policy with new clients whereby I accept a first-time cancellation given sufficient notice without question - but I don't accept further bookings from a new client (whom I have never met) if he/she cancels twice in a row. Clients who do not show up for an appointment without cancelling in advance are automatically banned from future appointments. I simply have to protect myself from sad timewasters! No-Shows and cancellations within 3 hours of an appointment start time will be charged in full. See the Terms & Conditions here: Terms & Conditions

Confidentiality ...

Your privacy is very important to me - that is how I can provide a discrete service to valued clients. I will never disclose your name, telephone number or e-mail address to any third-party and any details you provide will be stored in encrypted form.

Equally, I expect you to be discrete. Please - never pass my contact number on to another person (simply refer them to my web site), and never divulge my detailed location to any other person (this is for your protection as well as mine). I hope you understand that if you do not respect my privacy I will not be able to accept appointment requests from you in the future.

Important Notice

It is essential that you notify me of any medical condition or other factor that may prevent your massage taking place. I reserve the right to charge for an appointment abandoned because you have not made a full and truthful declaration of, specifically but not exclusively:

  • any communicable disease (especially sexually transmitted)
  • any known medical condition which may contraindicate massage