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We are moving to Spain!

After more than 8 years in the UK providing tantric sensual massage and educational workshops, we are moving to Spain at the end of March 2018. Our last working day in the UK will be March 28th. If you want to see us before then please book immediately!

We would like to thank our loyal clients, especially those who have become "regulars", and wish you well for the future. We have met many lovely people over the years and our work has been very spiritually rewarding.

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How to make a booking

Tranquil Body Indulgence Massage

Important: Please look on the Contact Page for instructions on how to make a booking.

Working Hours

Broadly, my current working hours, for all clients, are normally Wednesday to Sunday (inclusive), 9 am (earliest start) to 6.30 pm (latest finish, and I do not normally work on Monday or Tuesday (but my husband is usually available on those days). When necessary, however, I have to change my working days in a given week and this will always be shown on the Calendar image below.

VERY IMPORTANT: It is essential that you look at the Calendar image below to see appointment start times currently available on a given date.

Bookings are normally arranged in defined appointments (based on 90 minute appointments), but there is flexibility, especially to accommodate longer bookings.

Out of Hours

My husband is usually available for Male-to-Male or Male-to-Female appointments in the evening and on many days when I am not working. Please ask for details.


All massages and workshops are held in my own studio. Please note that I do not do outcalls, except in very special circumstances for couples only in which case there is necessarily an extra charge for travel time and expenses. My husband will do outcalls within a reasonable distance. There may be an extra charge for travel time and expenses.

IMPORTANT: Before contacting me for a booking, please scroll down to the Calendar image below to see the current state of my diary.

When you are ready to make a booking please go here: Contact Page to request an appointment on the day you prefer. If you give me your preferred time of day I will do my best to agree an appointment start time as near as possible.

Please read the Terms & Conditions here: Terms & Conditions

A Guide to available Appointments

Tranquil Body Indulgence Massage Bookings

This Calendar is a rough guide only. It is updated usually at least once a day, but apparently available appointments may be taken by the time you contact me - the sooner you get in touch the better!

I have a maximum of only 3 appointments a day to allow me to give my best attention to every client. So, even though the Calendar shows "appointments available" you do need to book at your earliest opportunity to secure a booking on a particular day. The appointment times shown are a guide only and may change to accommodate longer sessions.

Although I recommed booking as early as you can, it's always worth checking back to see if I've had any cancellations and extra appointments are available on a given day.

Please note that I do not make arrangements by telephone. This is because of a lot of spam calls, the lack of a paper trail for bookings, and the fact that the directions information I send out is often too long for mobile phones to accept.

Because of difficulties I have experienced in the past trying to sort out appointments by phone or text message I now require that ALL bookings be completed by e-mail. When we confirm a booking I will give you a contact number in case you need to reach me urgently but all non-urgent communication must be via e-mail.

Please note - I do NOT answer calls from withheld numbers.

No appointment is guaranteed until we have agreed details of the massage, the date and the time by e-mail. Please respect other clients by only booking a specific appointment when you are sure you are able to keep it. Late notice cancellations are sometimes genuinely unavoidable but please think about other clients who may not have been able to secure an appointment and will miss out on their massage. No-Shows and cancellations within 3 hours of an appointment start time will be charged in full. See the Terms & Conditions here: Terms & Conditions

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